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The Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America, most commonly known as FOBANA (c), is one of the oldest Bangladeshi organizations in North America.[citation needed] Established in 1987, the organization's primary goal is to organize annual conventions across the country hosted by various member Bangladeshi Associations.

The organization is registered in Washington, D.C., and received its 501(c)(3) status in 2007.[1] It is a non-profit, non-political and non-discriminatory, tax-exempt (Tax ID 26-1747615) organization

"FOBANA" has become a household name among Bangladeshi-Americans and is a registered trademark of the organization.[2] Only qualified/registered Bangladeshi associations/organizations in North America can be the members of FOBANA.  One of the most important goal of this organization is to preserve and promote the language, culture and heritage of Bangladesh. This organization of Bangladeshi Associations in North America has been recognized as an umbrella organization, where all the Bangladeshis living in North America can gather to celebrate their successes and deliver cultural talents through stage performances. 

FOBANA organization is run by the elected executive committee, which consists of five (5) elected executive team members, seven (7) outstanding members and thirteen (13) executive member organizations. The executive team consists of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Executive Secretary, Joint Executive Secretary and Treasurer. These elected members resolves organizational issues through regular monthly meetings.

In 2009, FOBANA formed a special standing committees to effectively execute and expand the social, cultural and economic activities related to Bangladeshis living in North America. Currently there are twenty-five standing committees supporting all organizational and social/cultural affairs.

FOBANA organizes an annual convention hosted by one or more FOBANA member organizations. The convention is award at the annual general meeting two years in advance so that the host organization has enough time to prepare for the convention successfully. The first FOBANA convention was held in Washington, D.C., October 31, 1987. For more details related to FOBANA convention and history visit FOBANA website.


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