Front for Democracy in Burundi

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Front for Democracy in Burundi

Front pour la Démocratie au Burundi
PresidentLéonce Ngendakumana
IdeologyHutu interests
Social democracy
ColorsGreen, White
0 / 43
National Assembly
0 / 121
Party flag
Flag of FRODEBU.svg

The Front for Democracy in Burundi (French: Front pour la Démocratie au Burundi, FRODEBU) is a Hutu progressive political party in Burundi.

It was formed by followers of Melchior Ndadaye from the disbanded Burundi Workers' Party in 1986. FRODEBU was legalized as a political party in 1992.[1]

In 1993, FRODEBU won power in Burundi and put forward a Hutu president, Melchior Ndadaye. The election of a Hutu government triggered violence between Hutu and Tutsi militias, and President Ndadaye was assassinated. In retaliation, some 25,000 Tutsis were killed. The Tutsis responded with an outbreak of violence against Hutus and killed civilians in retaliation. The violence was on a smaller scale than the mass genocide occurring in Rwanda where Hutu were massacring Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

In the legislative 2005 parliamentary election, the party won 21.7% of the vote and 30 out of 118 seats,[2] becoming the main opposition party.[3]

FRODEBU suspended its participation in the National Assembly on 21 February 2008 to protest efforts by the National Council for the Defense of Democracy-Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD/FDD) to remove Alice Nzomukunda, a former CNDD/FDD member, from her post as Vice-President of the National Assembly.[3]

FRODEBU is a consultative member of the Socialist International.[4]

Burundi Presidents[edit]


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