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FRS may also refer to:

Government and politics[edit]


  • Fellow of the Royal Society, an award and fellowship granted by the Royal Society of London to individuals the society judges to have made a "substantial contribution to the improvement of natural knowledge"
  • Filtered Rayleigh scattering, a diagnostic technique which measures velocity, temperature, and pressure
  • Forward recoil scattering, an ion beam analysis technique in materials science to obtain elemental concentration depth profiles in thin films
  • Fragment separator, an ion-optical device used to focus and separate products from the collision of relativistic ion beams with thin targets
  • Framingham Risk Score, a gender-specific algorithm used to estimate the 10-year cardiovascular risk of an individual.
  • Free radical scavenger, a synonym for antioxidant
  • Free radical substitution, a substitution reaction involving free radicals as a reactive intermediate


  • Family Radio Service, an improved walkie-talkie radio system in the United States
  • File Replication Service, a Microsoft Windows Server service for distributing shared files and Group Policy objects
  • Frame Relay Switch, a standardized wide-area network technology that specifies the physical and data link layers of digital telecommunications channels using a packet switching methodology
  • Freely redistributable software, software that anyone is free to redistribute
  • Functional requirement Specification, defines a function of a system or its components
  • Facial recognition system, a computer application capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source


Other uses[edit]