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Façade – an entertainment comprising poems by Edith Sitwell read to instrumental accompaniments composed by William Walton – was first recorded, by its creators, in 1929. Over the next two decades Sitwell and Walton added numbers to the entertainment and removed others. A definitive edition was published in 1951. In 1977, after Sitwell's death, Walton released a set of eight poems and accompaniments not included in the 1951 score, titling it Façade Revived. After further revision the second work was published as Façade 2 in 1979. Most recorded sets of Façade made since then have included the 1970s additions, and some have also included a selection of Sitwell's poems for which no music is known to exist.

Reciters Players Conductor Label Released OCLC No Notes
Edith Sitwell,
Constant Lambert
instrumental ensemble William Walton Decca 1929 800336494
Edith Sitwell,
David Horner
instrumental ensemble Frederik Prausnitz Columbia 1949 48076333
Edith Sitwell,
Peter Pears
English Opera Group Ensemble Anthony Collins Decca 1954 10193372
Vera Zorina Philadelphia Orchestra Eugene Ormandy Columbia 1961 36977103
Hermione Gingold,
Russell Oberlin
instrumental ensemble Thomas Dunn Decca 1964 624435318
Cleo Laine,
Annie Ross
instrumental ensemble John Dankworth Fontana 1967 9308920
Fenella Fielding,
Michael Flanders
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Neville Marriner EMI 1972 8531185
Peggy Ashcroft,
Paul Scofield
London Sinfonietta Sir William Walton Decca 1972 527843
Tony Randall Columbia Chamber Ensemble Arthur Fiedler Columbia 1976 3133078
Cathy Berberian,
Robert Tear
instrumental ensemble Steuart Bedford Oxford University Press 1980 6803647 Including premiere recording of Façade 2
Nancie Kennedy instrumental ensemble David Zinman Rochester Chamber Music Society 1982 85265137
Prunella Scales,
Timothy West
London Mozart Players Jane Glover ASV 1989 552191508 Includes 15 Sitwell poems without music
Peggy Ashcroft,
Jeremy Irons
London Sinfonietta Riccardo Chailly Decca 1989 748713715 Including Façade 2
Susana Walton,
Richard Baker
City of London Sinfonia Richard Hickox Chandos 1990 259591306 Including Façade 2
Pamela Hunter Melologos Ensemble Silveer van den Broeck Discover 1993 32516631 42 numbers including nine without music
Lynn Redgrave Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Joseph Silverstein Arabesque 1997 38740330 Including Façade 2 and also 11 Sitwell poems without music
Eleanor Bron,
Richard Stilgoe
Nash Ensemble David Lloyd-Jones Hyperion 2001 673092949 The complete extant numbers