Fair Game (1988 film)

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Fair Game
Directed byMario Orfini
Written byMario Orfini
Lidia Ravera
StarringTrudie Styler
Music byGiorgio Moroder
CinematographyDante Spinotti
Edited byClaudio M. Cutry
Distributed byWarner Bros. Italia
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)

Fair Game (Italian: Mamba) is a 1988 Italian thriller-horror film written and directed by Mario Orfini.


After being dumped by his girlfriend Eva, who was tired of his constant negative and sexist attitude, Gene decides to take revenge killing her through a mamba, a venomous snake, to which he also injected hormones to increase its aggressiveness.



The film had a budget of 4.6 million dollars.[1] Set design was made by Ferdinando Scarfiotti, while costumes are by Milena Canonero.[2] It was shot between Los Angeles, Cinecittà and the Mojave Desert.[1] To reproduce the movements of the mamba, Orfini used the technique of steadicam.[3]


The film bombed at the Italian box office, grossing only 539,521,000 lire.[4] It was distributed in 36 foreign countries.[5]


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