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For the nineteenth-century children's book by Mary Martha Sherwood, see The History of the Fairchild Family.

The Fairchild family has long roots in New England, United States. They descend from Thomas Fairchild who came from England in 1639 and settled in Stratford, Connecticut, a part of the fledgling New Haven Colony.


Note: While this is the genealogy of one particular branch of the Fairchild family, it by no means contains the entirety of the Fairchild family bloodline or history.

Thomas Fairchild (1610–1670) was married to Emma Seabrook. Their children included:

  • Thomas, who married Sarah Preston.
    • Their son, Alexander, who married Deborah Beardsley.
    • Their son, Abraham, who married Rachel Scribner.
    • Their son, John, who married Abigale Wakeman.
    • Their son, David, who married Charlotte Guyer.
    • Their son, Eli, who married Grade Diamond Sturges.
  • Samuel (1640–1704), who married Mary Wheeler in 1665.
    • Their son, Robert (b. 1681)
    • Their son, Samuel (1683–1761), who married Ruth Beach. 2nd wife was Dinah Burwell (1694–1769)
Portrait of Elizabeth Nelson Fairchild, John Singer Sargent, 1887
            • Charles (1838–1910) who married Elizabeth Nelson (1845–1924). Their children included:
Portrait of Sally Fairchild, John Singer Sargent, c. 1885-1887
              • Sally
      • Stephen Fairchild (1726–1802), who married Lavinia Beardsley.
    • Edward (1685–1747), the son of Samuel and Mary Wheeler, who married Elizabeth Blakeman.
    • Jonathan (1692–1772), the son of Samuel and Mary Wheeler

Other descendants[edit]

Other descendants of Thomas Fairchild include: