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Star Trek: The Next Generation episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 2
Directed by Les Landau
Written by Ronald D. Moore with based in part credit to Susanne L. Lambdin and Bryan Stewart
Featured music Dennis McCarthy
Production code 178
Original air date October 1, 1990 (1990-10-01)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"
Next →
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"Family" is the 76th episode of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and the second episode of Season 4. The episode takes place several weeks after the Borg attack on Earth shown in the episode "The Best of Both Worlds", and is sometimes considered to be a third part to that story arc, although it does not include any scenes with the Borg.[1]

This episode is considered one of the most popular of all the TNG episodes [2] along with "The Best Of Both Worlds, Part I",[3] which was the Season 3 finale, "The Best Of Both Worlds, Part II" the Season 4 premier episode (which was broadcast just before "Family"), "Darmok", the second episode from Season 5, which featured Paul Winfield, and what is probably the most popular episode of the entire TNG series, the Hugo Award winning "The Inner Light", Season 5's 25th and penultimate episode.[4] This is the only episode of the series that does not feature Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data.


The Enterprise-D is docked at Earth Station McKinley, undergoing repairs and refitting following its battle with the Borg. During the repairs many of the crew choose to take shore leave and visit family members. Lt. Worf's adoptive human parents, Sergei and Helena Rozhenkho, visit the Enterprise, having only just learned about his discommendation. Worf, though believing love and support is too human, at first is embarrassed by this, but in the end appreciates their concern. Beverly Crusher retrieves a chest, kept in storage on Earth, containing her late husband Jack's mementos, including a holographic recording he made for Wesley when their child was only 10 weeks old. Beverly, though worried that the two of them have only recently truly come to terms with Jack's death, eventually gives the recording to Wesley. Wesley eventually runs the recording, "Crusher1", in the Holodeck, and is emotionally uplifted by the message.

In the episode's main plot, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, recovering from his Borg ordeal, visits his family's vineyard in La Barre, France, which is run by his elder brother Robert along with his wife Marie and son René. Robert, who has always been resentful and jealous of his brother, is critical of Jean-Luc's choice to join Starfleet and leave the vineyard. Robert is concerned that Jean-Luc's presence will drive René to also join Starfleet. The two have a bitter argument and end up wrestling each other in a mud puddle, eventually culminating in an emotional reunion, with Jean-Luc reliving memories of similar disagreements with Robert when they were younger and, while bursting into tears, admitting his vulnerability and sense of powerlessness while under the influence of the Borg. The two spend the night getting drunk as they resolve their differences. After Jean-Luc leaves, Robert decides to let René follow his dreams.


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