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Ali Imran is a fictional spymaster and the protagonist of the Imran Series of Urdu spy novels by the Pakistani author Ibn-e-Safi.

Ali Imran enjoys living around a complete family: a father, mother, and a sister. Several of Imran's female cousins, often found making fun of him, lives with his family.

Imran's dearly attachment with his family is evident in some of the books. For example, In the "Allama Dehshatnak" serial, he finds the only way to anger the villain is by getting personal with him and mocking his history and the fact that his family was very brutally destroyed. By doing so however, Imran provokes the villain to counter by bombing his family's house. At this point the reader sees how deeply Imran loves his family as he rushes to the scene throwing all the caution out of the window.

Imran's parents, it is also often told, are yousuf zai pathan and direct descendant of Genghis Khan.

Ali Imran's Family[edit]

Fazal Rahman[edit]

He is Imran's father and the director general of Intelligence Bureau. He has a stern personality and a strict dictator. He is somewhat responsible for Imran's paradoxical personality. Initially wanting Imran to become a professor at a local university, he was very upset when Imran was appointed as a special officer in his own department. Later, he cancelled Imran's license by dismissing his roguery strategies that he employed for catching a smuggler in "Bhayanak Aadmi" (The Frightening Man - #4). Highly annoyed by Imran and his actions, he then ordered him to leave the house.

Mr. Rahman is the Director General of the Central Intelligence Bureau, and a very strict person both at home and in the office. Although Imran solves a very mysterious case in "Bhayanak Aadmi", he does not like the way Imran handles the situation; so he fires Imran and also asks him to leave the family house. Underneath his tough exterior, he loves Imran and is internally pleased with his successes. However, his stubbornness does not allow him to reveal his sentiments.

Amma Bi[edit]

Imran's mother, Amma Bi, is an eastern style housewife. She is a victim of the strict nature of her husband, Abdul Rehman. When Imran is forced to leave the house, she is against the decision but is helpless to do anything because of her husband. In some novels, it is shown that when Imran visits her, she gets emotional and starts crying, beating him with her slippers.


Imran's younger sister Surayya is blessed with the strict nature of her father. She is also fed up with Imran's unserious behavior and lets no opportunity slide to show her anger towards her brother. Imran's love for his sister is shown in the novel "Aadha Teeter" in which Imran struggles to protect her Fiancee from a blackmailer.

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