Fantasy (Alice Nine song)

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AliceNine FantasyCover.jpg
Single by Alice Nine
from the album Zekkeishoku
Released February 22, 2006
Length 5:27
Writer(s) Alice Nine
Alice Nine singles chronology
"Kowloon Nine Heads Rodeo Show"
"Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier"

"Fantasy" is a single by the Japanese rock band Alice Nine. It is featured on their first album Zekkeishoku and coincided with the double a-side release "Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier".[1] The single was released in two versions, one with a bonus track and the other with a DVD of the "Fantasy" music video.

Track listing[edit]

Type A (CD & DVD)
  1. "Fantasy"
  2. "Lemon"
  3. "Fantasy" music video
Type B (CD only)
  1. "Fantasy"
  2. "Lemon" (檸檬)
  3. "Tentai Umbrella" (Umbrella of Heavenly Bodies) (天体アンブレラ)

Reference list[edit]

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