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Farmhouse rental programs are a common method used by many rural Australian towns to attract new residents to live in their communities. The programs generally involve offering abandoned and often semi-derelict farmhouses for rent at a nominal price, often $1 per week.[1] The towns that offer such programs have generally undergone a significant decline in population. As a result, essential services for the area such as education and health are removed or reduced, creating a further, spiralling, population decline. By attracting new residents, the communities hope to reverse their demographic spiral.[2]

The modern farmhouse rental program began in the Central West town of Cumnock. The organisers there claim the program was successful; claiming the population of the town grew by 30 per cent and the local school hired a new teacher as a result of the 14 new enrolments.[3] As a result, the program has been adapted widely across rural New South Wales and beyond.[4] Similarly, the rural locality of Errowanbang saw its school's population rise above the two teacher threshold for the first time in its history.[5]

In 2011, the ABC produced a documentary following the farmhouse rental scheme of Trundle, "Country Town Rescue".[6]

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