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Coordinates: 47°30′31″N 19°4′34″E / 47.50861°N 19.07611°E / 47.50861; 19.07611

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Fasori Gimnázium (lit. "secondary school on the tree-lined avenue"; fasori=tree lined, gimnazium=secondary school), also known as Fasori Evangélikus Gimnázium ("Fasori" Lutheran Secondary School), official name: Budapest-Fasori Evangélikus Gimnázium, is a famous secondary school in Budapest, Hungary. It is located near the City Park.


The school was founded by the Lutheran Church in 1823. It was originally situated at Deák Ferenc square, but moved to Sütő utca in 1864, and finally to its current location in Városligeti fasor ("Tree lined Avenue to the City Park") in 1904, receiving its present nickname. In the first decades of its existence it operated as a German-language institution, and in 1847 Hungarian became the language of instruction [1] It had to close in 1952 under Communist pressure. The Fasori Gimnázium re-opened in 1989.

Notable alumni and teachers[edit]

It has been one of the best secondary schools in Hungary. Among its students were the following:

Among the further students and teachers were Georg Lukács, Theodor Herzl, Antal Doráti, Alfréd Haar, Miksa Fenyő, Gyula Szepesy, Adolf Fényes, Miksa Falk, Aurél Stein and Vilmos Tátrai.

László Rátz was a legendary teacher of mathematics in the school, after whom a Medal and an Achievement Award was later named.

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