Fatmir Mediu

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Fatmir Mediu
Personal details
Born 21 January 1967
Durrës, People's Republic of Albania (now Albania)
Nationality Albanian
Political party Republican Party of Albania
Profession Politician
Religion Islam
Fatmir Mediu meeting the then US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2006

Fatmir Mediu (born 21 January 1967, Durrës[1][2]) is a former Albanian Minister of Defence (September 2005 – March 2008). On March 2008, after the military ammunition explosion incident in Gërdec, where 26 people were killed, Mediu resigned and is under investigation.[3] His successor is Gazmend Oketa.

He is currently Minister of Environment, Forests & Water Administration. In this post, he has quietly overseen the 2010 Albania floods in the Northern regions of the country, largely caused by poor forest management practices and illegal logging and heavy rains.

Fatmir Mediu is also the chairman of the Republican Party. He has been in politics since 1990.


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