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Federated Farmers of New Zealand Incorporated is an organisation in New Zealand which lobbies on behalf of its member farmers.

It has a network of 24 provinces and seven industry groups. Federated Farmers provides a locally based, democratic organisation that lobbies on farming issues both nationally and within each province. Membership to the organisation is voluntary and currently has over 26,000 members.


Federated Farmers was originally incorporated as the New Zealand Farmers Union in 1902.

Recent presidents:

  • Charlie Pedersen
  • Don Nicholson (resigned in June 2011 to stand for the ACT party in the general election)
  • Bruce Wills (2011–present)

2008 general election manifesto[edit]

Federated Farmers released a manifesto before the 2008 New Zealand general election. They state that the three major themes of the manifesto are: farming as an economic backbone for New Zealand, sustainability, and farming for generations.[1]

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