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Felicia Pride

Felicia Pride is an American author, educator, and entrepreneur.[1] She is the founder of strategic media and communications firm, Pride Collaborative, with more than ten years of experience working in creative writing, education and media.[2][3][4]



Pride is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing from Towson University. She has a Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College.[5] Currently, she is a Hip-Hop Fellow at New York University.[6]


Pride is the author of several books.

Of note is her young adult novel, Patterson Heights, which was a 2010 ALA Pick for Reluctant Readers.[7]

Her motivational book of essays, The Message: Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs, has been used as a teaching tool to engage students in classrooms across the country and was recently re-published by NBC Universal.[8][9][10][11]

Entrepreneurship/Professional Work[edit]

For seven years (2004-2011), Pride ran BackList, an organization she founded to nurture and highlight underrepresented voices and stories.[12][13]

In 2012, she launched a new firm, Pride Collaborative, a content agency which embraces a broader focus on storytelling.[3]

She also founded The Create Daily, a curated resource of opportunity for content creators that’s delivered daily via email.[14]



  • The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs (2007)
  • Hallway Diaries (2007)
  • Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates First Girlfriends #3 (2007)
  • Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates School Politics #6 (2008)
  • Patterson Heights (2009)
  • To Create: Black Writers, Filmmakers, Storytellers, Artists and Media Makers Riff on Art, Careers, Life, and the Beautiful Mess in Between (2012)
  • The Message: Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs (2012)
  • The Educator's Guide to The Message: A Digital Companion (2012)
  • Homecoming (2013)

Presentations and Appearances[edit]

Felicia Pride has presented at numerous colleges, universities, libraries, conferences, and literary festivals.[15][16][17][18]

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