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Felix Laband is an electronic music artist born in 1977 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.[1]

He creates light, emotional, minimalist soundscapes by combining several styles, and samples from classical, jazz and old television recordings overlaid with instrumental performances by himself and other guest artists. His music has been described by his record label as 'indietronica' and is similar in some ways to Boards of Canada and Iceland's múm.


  • Thin Shoes in June (on CD) (2001)
  • 4/4 Down the Stairs (on CD) (2002)
  • Dark Days Exit (on CD and LP) (2005)
  • Whistling In Tongues (12") (2006)
  • Deaf Safari (on CD) (2015)

Record labels[edit]

Felix's first two albums were released by African Dope Records. In 2005 he switched to Open Record, and Compost Records internationally with the release of Dark Days Exit.


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