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The Felsenegg-Girstel TV-tower is a broadcasting tower located nearby the Felseneggbahn mountain station on the Felsenegg vantage point in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland. The tower is owned by Swisscom and generally not accessible by the public.

Felsenegg-Girstel Swisscom tower as seen from the Albis mountain chain (June 2009)
Felsenegg - Girstel IMG 3260.JPG


The tower was built in 1959 for broadcasting of radio and television programs. Felsenegg-Girstel was the number one national technical control centre for TV transmissions and it was the connection point of many private TV stations in Switzerland allowing to connect to the national and international TV net. The REAL system moves antennas on other 27 Swisscom-towers. Today, Felsenegg is getting a station like all the others, as the optical fiber technology will replace beam radio technology. Felsenegg still supplies directional radio but also FM broadcasting among them Radio Zürisee in Rapperswil. Since 2005, Skyguide maintains a radar station at the same location.[1]

Technical data[edit]

Felsenegg-Girstel has a triangular form with smoothed edges, is 51 metres (167 ft) high and has a 22 metres (72 ft) high pole on his top. It has 16 floors and an underground building for technical equipment. The antennas are on the terraces of the 5 top floors and on the roof. For its directional radio system there are parabolic antennas, horn and shell antennas. The power for directional radio is quite small in comparison to the Uetliberg TV-tower: 10W at the maximum for a connection from Felsenegg to Chasseral of about 110 kilometres (68 mi).[1]


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Coordinates: 47°18′44.15″N 8°30′20.83″E / 47.3122639°N 8.5057861°E / 47.3122639; 8.5057861