Fencing at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's sabre

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Men's sabre
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Venue Tuileries Garden
Date June 19–25
Competitors 23 from 7 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Georges de la Falaise  France
2nd, silver medalist(s) Léon Thiébaut  France
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Siegfried Flesch  Austria
← 1896
1904 →

23 fencers from 7 nations competed in the amateur sabre competition.

Round 1[edit]

The fencers competed in four round-robin pools in the first round on 19 June and 20 June. The top four fencers in each pool advanced to the semifinals. Which fencers competed in which pools is unknown, as are the names of many of the fencers.

 Maurice Boisdon (FRA)
 Clément de Boissière (FRA)
 Dutertre[1] (FRA)
 Georges de la Falaise (FRA)
 Fedreghini (ITA)
 Siegfried Flesch (AUT)
 Mauricio Ponce de Léon (ESP)
 Harstein (AUT)
 Hugó Hoch (HUN)
 Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA)
 Gyula von Iványi (HUN)
 Léon Lécuyer[1] (FRA)
 Camillo Müller (AUT)
 Amon Ritter von Gregurich (HUN)
 Heinrich von Tenner (AUT)
 Léon Thiébaut (FRA)
 Stagliano[1] (ITA)
 Todoresku[1] (HUN)
 de Boffa (SUI)
 Lafourçade-Cortina (FRA)
 Alfons Schöne (GER)
 Casimir Semelaignes (FRA)
 Fernand Semelaignes (FRA)


The 16 remaining fencers were divided into two pools of 8. They played round-robin tournaments on 22 June, with four advancing from each pool to the final.

Semifinal A
Place Name
1  Gyula von Iványi (HUN)
2  Camillo Müller (AUT)
3  Siegfried Flesch (AUT)
4  Georges de la Falaise (FRA)
5-8  Maurice Boisdon (FRA)
 Harstein (AUT)
 Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA)
 Fedreghini (ITA)
Semifinal B
Place Name
1  Amon Ritter von Gregurich (HUN)
2  Heinrich von Tenner (AUT)
3  Clément de Boissière (FRA)
4  Léon Thiébaut (FRA)
5-8  Hugó Hoch (HUN)
 Mauricio Ponce de Léon (ESP)
 Stagliano (ITA)
 Todoresku (HUN)


The final was a round-robin among the 8 remaining fencers.

Place Name Wins Losses
1  Georges de la Falaise (FRA) 6 1
2  Léon Thiébaut (FRA) 5 2
3  Siegfried Flesch (AUT) 4 3
4  Amon Ritter von Gregurich (HUN) 4 3
5  Gyula von Iványi (HUN) 3 4
6  Clément de Boissière (FRA) 3 4
7  Heinrich von Tenner (AUT) 2 5
8  Camillo Müller (AUT) 1 6


  1. ^ a b c d Dutertre withdrew after the first round, to be replaced by Stagliano. It can therefore be inferred that Stagliano was the fifth-place fencer in the same preliminary pool as Dutertre. Similarly, Todoresku replaced Lécuyer.