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Matra P18 prototype, which would later be developed into the Renault Espace

Fergus Pollock is a British car designer. He is a Vehicle Design graduate of the British Royal College of Art, London.[1] In 1975 he joined Rootes (which was Chrysler UK 1971-1978) in Coventry, later working at Chrysler in the US (Highland Park, 1976), followed by Simca (Carrieres-Sous-Poissy, 1979), and Citroën (Velizy, 1981). In 1983 he moved to Jaguar and under Geoff Lawson became Senior Design Manager in 1995. During his 30-year career he has been actively involved in the design of over 30 cars, including rally and race cars as well as trucks and aeroplanes. He pioneered the European MPV with the design of the "Supervan" project while at Chrysler Europe, which would later be developed by Matra and would eventually reach production as the Renault Espace.[2][3] Two of his designs have won the award for "The Most Beautiful Car In The World".[citation needed]

Some of his cars[edit]


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