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Fernand Gustave Gaston Labori
Petit journal 8 27 1899 Fernand Labori.jpg
The assassination attempt on Fernand Labori on the front page of Le Petit Journal
Born(1860-04-18)18 April 1860
Reims, France
DiedMarch 14, 1917(1917-03-14) (aged 56)
Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris

Fernand-Gustave-Gaston Labori (April 18, 1860 – March 14, 1917) was a French attorney. He was born in Reims. In his professional life, he defended the accused in some of the most prominent political cases of his day. Among his noted clients was Alfred Dreyfus, who was eventually acquitted of treason. During the Dreyfus trial, Labori was the victim of an assassination attempt which hospitalized him for a week. The attacker was never identified.[1]

Legal career[edit]

Labori was elected second secrétaire de Conférence du barreau de Paris Labori was the defence counsel for:

  • anarchist Auguste Vaillant, who threw a bomb into the French Chamber of Deputies, injuring twenty people.[2] He was sentenced to death.
  • Émile Zola in 1898 in the Dreyfus trial.
  • Captain Alfred Dreyfus, at his court martial in Rennes in 1899.
  • Thérèse Humbert, in the case of the Crawford inheritance; she pretended to be an heir of American millionaire Robert Crawford. It was sometimes described as 'the swindle of the century'.
  • Henriette Caillaux in 1914. She was the wife of former Prime Minister of France, Joseph Caillaux.

His speeches were regarded as masterpieces of forensic eloquence.[citation needed]


He is buried at the Montparnasse Cemetery.



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