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'Firouz (Persian: فیروز‎‎; also spelled Firuz, Pirooz, Firoz), Pirouz (Persian: پیروز‎‎, also spelled Pirooz, Piruz, Piroz), Feroz (Hindi/Urdu; also spelled Feroze, Phiroze), Fayrouz (Arabic: فيروز‎‎), Phiroj, are masculine given names of Persian origin. It is ultimately derived from Middle Persian Pērōz (Inscriptional Pahlavi: 𐭯𐭩𐭫𐭥𐭰, Book Pahlavi: pyrwc), meaning "victorious, triumphant or prosperous",[1] mentioned as Perozes (Περόζης) in Latin and Greek sources.

Notable persons with the name include:



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