Filigree & Shadow

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Filigree & Shadow
Studio album by This Mortal Coil
Released 20 September 1986 (1986-09-20)
Recorded Blackwing Studios, Palladium Studios
Genre Gothic rock, dream pop
Length 74:13
Language English
Label 4AD
Producer John Fryer and Ivo Watts-Russell
This Mortal Coil chronology
It'll End in Tears
Filigree & Shadow
Singles from Filigree & Shadow
  1. "Come Here My Love"/"Drugs"
    Released: September 1986
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
Pitchfork (8.7/10)[2]

Filigree & Shadow is the second album released by 4AD collective This Mortal Coil, an umbrella title for a loose grouping of guest musicians and vocalists brought together by label boss Ivo Watts-Russell. The supergroup consists primarily of artists attached to the 4AD label, of which Watts-Russell was the co-founder and (at the time) the owner and director. The album was released in September 1986, and entered the UK Independent Music chart on 11 October 1986 and peaked at #2, spending 16 weeks on the chart in total.

Of the 25 tracks, 13 are instrumental, including the title track. This was the first double-LP released on 4AD, and introduced the "DAD" (for double album) prefix into the label's catalogue.[3] Watts-Russell took careful consideration in shaping the album's four sides so they flowed together as individual wholes. This is lost somewhat on compact disc, as the entire album fits on one CD.

A remastered and repackaged CD edition of Filigree & Shadow was issued with the complete This Mortal Coil recordings in a self-titled box set, released in late November 2011. The CD was released individually shortly thereafter.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Double vinyl LP (DAD 609)[edit]

Side 1
No. Title Writer(s) Interpreted by Length
1. "Velvet Belly" Martin McCarrick   1:19
2. "The Jeweller" Tom Rapp Dominic Appleton, Deirdre and Louise Rutkowski, Simon Raymonde 3:15
3. "Ivy and Neet" Simon Raymonde Simon Raymonde, Richard Thomas 4:48
4. "Meniscus" David Curtis David Curtis, John Turner 2:28
5. "Tears" Simon Raymonde   0:21
6. "Tarantula" Martyn Young, Ian Robbins[4] Dominic Appleton, Deirdre and Louise Rutkowski, John Turner 4:58
Side 2
No. Title Writer(s) Interpreted by Length
1. "My Father" Judy Collins Alison Limerick, Simon Raymonde, John Turner 5:58
2. "Come Here My Love" Van Morrison Jean, Simon Raymonde 3:42
3. "At First, and Then" Peter Ulrich Peter Ulrich 1:58
4. "Strength of Strings" Gene Clark Dominic Appleton, John Turner, Keith Mitchell, Nigel K. Hine, Deirdre and Louise Rutkowski, Anne Turner, Les McKeown, Martin McCarrick 4:41
5. "Morning Glory" Tim Buckley Deirdre and Louise Rurkowski, John Turner 2:56
Side 3
No. Title Writer(s) Interpreted by Length
1. "Inch-Blue" This Mortal Coil   1:08
2. "I Want to Live" Gary Ogan Deirdre and Louise Rutkowski, John Turner 4:05
3. "Mama K (1)" This Mortal Coil   0:53
4. "Filigree & Shadow" This Mortal Coil   1:19
5. "Firebrothers" Gary Duncan Richenel, John Turner, Chris Pye 3:53
6. "Thaïs (1)" This Mortal Coil   1:08
7. "I Must Have Been Blind" Tim Buckley Richenel, John Turner 3:30
8. "A Heart of Glass" This Mortal Coil   3:45
Side 4
No. Title Writer(s) Interpreted by Length
1. "Alone" Colin Newman, Graham Lewis Caroline Seaman, Alison Limerick, Simon Raymonde 4:13
2. "Mama K (2)" This Mortal Coil   0:34
3. "The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks Its Thumb" This Mortal Coil, Mark Cox Alan Curtis, Mark Cox 2:53
4. "Drugs" David Byrne, Brian Eno Alison Limerick, Andrew Gray, Steven Young 3:09
5. "Red Rain" This Mortal Coil, Simon Raymonde Caroline Seaman, Simon Raymonde, Tony Waerea 3:52
6. "Thaïs (2)" This Mortal Coil   3:13

CD (DAD 609 CD)[edit]



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