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Genres Techno
Years active 1998- present
Members Bert Wilmaers (guitar), Maarten Wilmaers (drums)[1]

Filterheadz are a Techno DJ and producer duo from Leuven, Belgium. Formed by brothers Bert and Maarten Wilmaers.


In the mid-1980s, the Filterheadz made their first musical steps by playing in a pop band. Bert played guitar, Maarten was a drummer. Their role models were bands such as U2, The Police and Simple Minds, and still today these influences are audible in their songs.

After a whole series of pop, rock, metal and rhythm and blues projects with rather modest success, they continuously approached the field of electronic dance music through remixes by Roger Sanchez, Masters at Work and David Morales. Therefore their recent productions are strongly oriented towards the American House scene.

In 1998, they were contracted by the Belgian label Headroom Music. After a few publications under various pseudonyms, they decided to opt for the name "Filterheadz". At that time, Jo Casters' attention was raised and he ordered a number of remixes from them. Their interpretation of "Struggle for Pleasure" (Minimalistix) became a club hit. Inspired by Deep Dish and John Digweed, they advanced to progressive trance and with remixes for Hooj and Platypus scored more club hits.

When the Filterheadz were contacted by Intec Records, they produced a Latin Techno track "Sunshine", which was to be played on Ibiza as a summer song. More remix work for Green Velvet, Bedrock, Eddie Amador, Tiësto and Oliver Lieb followed.

After producing the best-selling techno record of the year, they began to search musical diversity again and published their first mixed genre CD "Tribalicious". The first album is in progress and will be a mixture of Electronic Music and Independent.



  • 2000 'Party With You' (as Slow)
  • 2000 'Feel Your Body' (as TFF)
  • 2001 'Faggots and Dope'
  • 2001 'The Music'
  • 2002 'The One Who Got Caught'
  • 2002 'The Rhythm/Protection' (feat. Tomaz)
  • 2002 'I Love Techno (United As One)' (as Tomaz vs. Filterheadz)
  • 2002 'I Love Sunshine' (as Tomaz vs. Filterheadz)
  • 2003 'In Your Eyes' with Orange 3
  • 2003 'Lake T'ana' (as Slow)
  • 2003 'Tribalicious'
  • 2003 'Corrador' (as Zzino vs. Filterheadz)
  • 2004 'Yimanya'
  • 2005 'Love Distortion'
  • 2005 'Cartagena/Santiago/Lima'
  • 2005 'Switch'
  • 2006 'Endless Summer'
  • 2006 'Blue Sky Happiness'
  • 2008 'Day At the Beach'
  • 2009 'Rising Rocky'
  • 2011 'Everything Explained'
  • 2012 'The Game'
  • 2012 'Earth'
  • 2013 'Atlantic'
  • 2013 'This And That'