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Steve Porter (born c. 1978[1]) is a music video producer, remixer and DJ originally from Amherst, Massachusetts. Porter, who began producing music at the age of sixteen while attending The Williston Northampton School, was discovered by Chris Fortier in 1999[2] and was signed to Fortier's Fade Records label. Since that time, he has toured the world extensively on DJ tours and has released numerous remixes and original productions using his own name and monikers Chop Shop, Driven Child, Saturated Fatty, HDF & Bons and Agent 001 with fellow Boston DJ-producer Eli Wilkie. Porter placed #2 in the DJ Times "America's Best DJ"[3] award and has been consistently ranked among the world's top DJs in numerous[weasel words] polls.[4]

He calls the blend of various genres of dance music "Porterhouse". 2005 saw the release of Homegrown, a DJ-mixed artist album on FDS Recordings. In 2006 he released the "Porterhouse" compilation which included many of his close friends' productions in the mix. In 2007, Porterhouse 2 was released on EQ recordings from Australia.

Music video remixes[edit]

Slap Chop Remix[edit]

Porter made a music video remix of the original Slap Chop infomercial, dubbing it "Rap Chop". After posting it to YouTube on April 25, 2009, as of November 6, 2010, it has been viewed 11,628,274 times, reached #16 as the all time Top Rated, #3 all time Top Rated in Comedy, #14 Most Viewed and #1 Top Favorite. In July 2009, in an apparent deal between Porter and Vince Offer, the "Rap Chop" was made into a real infomercial that began airing nationwide.[5][6] Porter's original remix included footage from the movie Breakin'. However for the national infomercial, the Breakin' footage was replaced with a female dancing and someone dressed in a pink bunny rabbit costume dancing. This was because the rights to use the Breakin' film footage either couldn't be obtained or were not sought.[citation needed] Additionally, the success of Porter's "Rap Chop" remix landed him a job doing remixes for FedEx.[7]

Porter followed up his "Rap Chop" music video remix on May 15, 2009 with a music video remix of the original ShamWow! infomercial, dubbing it "Jam Wow". After a televised commercial was made on October 21, 2009, it was renamed the "Shamwow Jam". The Shamwow Jam commercial is currently[when?] being aired.

Press Hop[edit]

In June 2009, Steve Porter released "Press Hop". Featuring footage of Allen Iverson and his 'practice' press conference, the video has gathered over 3 million hits on YouTube. It also features footage of Mike Gundy's famous 2007 rant,[8] as well as Jim E. Mora, Joe Namath and Terrell Owens. As for the topic of the video, it's easy to talk about. It's easy to sum it up. They're talking about practicing.

Press Hop 2[edit]

After the overwhelming[quantify] success of the original Press Hop, Steve Porter was asked by ESPN to create a sequel. "Press Hop 2" aired in July 2010 and featured Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, Randy Moss, and various clips from LeBron James' "Rome Wasn't Built In One Day". In addition to the actual video, Steve Porter was featured in E:60's "Behind The Scenes of Press Hop 2" that gave a sneak peek as to how he creates his videos.

Other television work[edit]

Steve Porter has also developed video remixes for a variety of television programs and networks including E!, VH1, ABC, TeenNick and more. He has also worked for a variety of brands to help create unique advertisements. Lotus, Shamwow!, Ultra Music Festival and Mighty Fine Burgers have all received treatments.

NBA Playoff advertising campaign[edit]

In spring 2010, Porter produced the NBA's ad campaign in conjunction with the advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.[9]

The material in the ads spans years of NBA playoff history and compiled some of the most famous names to ever play. Airing during commercial breaks throughout the playoffs, the videos were "Amazing is Unity", "Amazing is Belief", "Focus!", and "Steppin' Up!".

Other commercials at this time had titles such as "Where Clutch Happens", "Where Defense Happens", "Where Sixth Man Happens", and "Where Determination Happens".

During the 2010 NBA Finals, two new commercials were created and aired featuring footage from the previous rounds of 2010 playoff games that had been played. Both "Amazing is The Journey" and "Amazing is The Finals" were well received[by whom?] viral hits and captured the excitement and emotion[peacock term] of the NBA Finals.

Porter was mentioned by Howard Stern in lieu of a new mix he released featuring clips of actor Seth Rogen. The mix was played during Rogen's appearance on The Howard Stern Show on January 9, 2012.

NFL Sunday Countdown[edit]

In advance of the 2010 NFL season, Porter was asked to create a series of videos for the NFL Sunday Countdown program. Each video would be short in length, but would highlight storylines from the NFL season as it progressed. Early season videos featured Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, as well as Philadelphia Eagles members Andy Reid, Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb. Another video featured quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Eli Manning prior to the second "Manning Bowl" game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants.

Randy Moss and "One Clap"[edit]

On October 31, 2010, NFL Sunday Countdown aired Steve Porter's "One Clap" during a game between the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings. The video, which features wide-receiver Randy Moss, was an instant viral hit and quickly accumulated one million views on YouTube,[10] and was featured on variety of sports programs on ESPN and TSN in Canada. Shortly after the game and the initial airing of the video, Moss was waived by the Minnesota Vikings, thus creating additional online buzz.

Other projects[edit]

In addition to his work with the National Basketball Association and ESPN, Steve Porter's company Porterhouse Media is producing[when?] various TV spots for Hockey Night In Canada.

Maxim Magazine tapped Porter to create a mash-up of the "Hometown Hotties".[when?]

Japanese game developer Konami commissioned Porter to create material for their Xbox home console releases of DanceDanceRevolution. Thus far, he has submitted 2 original songs ("Somebody in Da' House" and "Sockem"), as well as a remix of the fan-favorite Konami original song, "Put Your Faith In Me".



  • 2005 Homegrown
  • 2005 Planet P (With Funk Harmony Park)
  • 2006 Steve Porter Presents Porterhouse
  • 2007 Steve Porter Presents Porterhouse Volume 2
  • 2008 "Steve Porter presents PH Recordings" for IDJ Mag
  • 2009 The Control EP
  • 2009 You Play to Win The Game


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