Team Finland (roller derby)

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Team Finland
Team Finland Roller Derby logo.jpg
Founded 2011

Blue and white

Head coach Estrogreena Davis (head)
Tigre Force (assistant)
Manager Claire Leah Threat
Championships 5th place at 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
Broadcasters Derby News Network

Team Finland represents Finland in women's international roller derby, in events such as the Roller Derby World Cup. The team was first formed to compete at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, and finished the tournament in fifth place.

Finland's first bout was on 8 October 2011, against Team Sweden in Helsinki, in what Stockholm Roller Derby claimed was "the world's first Roller Derby bout between two nations".[1] Finland lost by 135 points to 71.[2]

At the World Cup, Finland lost their quarter final to Team Canada by 499 points to 31, at that time the highest point spread in the tournament.[3] They then beat France[4] and Sweden in the consolation stage, to finish in fifth place.[5]

Team roster[edit]

2011 team roster[edit]

The team announced its roster for the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup in August 2011.[6] (league affiliations listed as of at the time of the announcement)

Number Name League
85 Bloody-HO-Mary Tampere Rollin' Hos
404 Doris Helsinki Roller Derby
2997 Estrogeena Davis Helsinki Roller Derby
22 Juicy Butther Dirty River Roller Grrrls
886 KC Knucklebone Helsinki Roller Derby
10 Kata Strofi Helsinki Roller Derby
95 Kati Kyyrö Helsinki Roller Derby
121 Liisa Saari Helsinki Roller Derby
96 Lizz Troublegum Helsinki Roller Derby
09 Misty Muffdivah Crime City Rollers
6 Page Disaster Helsinki Roller Derby
99 Suvi Hokkari Helsinki Roller Derby
142 Tigre Force Helsinki Roller Derby
94 Trixie GrandBang Helsinki Roller Derby
1 Misbitch Kallio Rolling Rainbow
8 Pink Spanker Kallio Rolling Rainbow
54 The Blizzard Bristol Roller Derby
3 Udre Kallio Rolling Rainbow

2011 coaching staff[edit]

  • Claire Leah Threat (Manager)
  • Estrogreena Davis (Head Coach)
  • Tigre Force (Assistant Coach)


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