First Offence

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First Offence
Studio album by
Released1995, (re-released 2001)
LabelWords of Warning (re-released on Moon Ska Europe
King Prawn chronology
First Offence
Fried in London

First Offence is the debut album of London 'wildstyle' band King Prawn. It was released in 1995, and also re-released in 2001.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Doledrums"
  2. "Salvation"
  3. "Boxed & Packaged"
  4. "Immigrant Song Too"
  5. "Restart (Acts I & II)"
  6. "Bossman's Bleeding"
  7. "Nobody Like You"
  8. "Alien Spawn"
  9. "First Defence"

Re-released track listing[edit]

  1. "Immigrant Song Too"
  2. "First Defence"
  3. "Boxed & Packaged"
  4. "Bossman's Bleeding"
  5. "Restart" (Acts I & II)
  6. "Doledrums"
  7. "Nobody Like You"
  8. "Salvation"
  9. "Alien Spawn"
  10. "Poison in the Air" (Alternative Mix)
  11. "Divine Badness" (Alternative Mix)
  12. "Holy War" (Live Studio Recording)
  13. "Winning Again" (Live Studio Recording)
  14. "Buried Alive" (Demo Recording)
  15. "Poison in the Air" (Enhanced Video)

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