Fried in London

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Fried in London
Studio album by
ReleasedApril, 1998
GenreSka punk, hardcore, reggae
King Prawn chronology
First Offence
Fried in London
Your Worst Enemy EP

Fried in London is the second album of London 'wildstyle' band King Prawn. It was released in April 1998, and also re-released in 2001.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Sound of We"
  2. "Not Your Punk"
  3. "Felled"
  4. "Increase the Pressure"
  5. "Role Model"
  6. "Racist Copper"
  7. "Survive"
  8. "Depths of My Soul"
  9. "Clocked"
  10. "Rewards and Prizes"
  11. "Last Request"
  12. "Faith" (Demo Version) - (bonus track on re-release)
  13. "Come Out" (Demo Version) - (bonus track on re-release)
  14. "Depths of My Soul" (Multimedia Track) - (bonus track on re-release)

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