Firstborn (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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Star Trek: The Next Generation episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 21
Directed by Jonathan West
Story by Mark Kalbfeld
Teleplay by René Echevarria
Featured music Dennis McCarthy
Production code 273
Original air date April 25, 1994 (1994-04-25)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Journey's End"
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"Firstborn" is the 173rd episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The 21st episode of the seventh season.

Worf is visited by a mysterious Klingon saying Worf's brother Kurn sent him to help Alexander grow into becoming a Klingon warrior.


Worf is concerned that his son Alexander is not pursuing his Klingon heritage, and has no desire to become a Klingon warrior as normally a child of his age would do. Worf speaks to Captain Picard, who recommends Worf should expose Alexander to more of his heritage. When the Enterprise stops at Maranga IV as part of routine mission, Worf takes Alexander to a Klingon festival being held on the planet. This appears to be helping Alexander become accustomed to the Klingon way of life, but the two are suddenly attacked by a trio of Klingon warriors. Another Klingon arrives and readily defeats the trio. He introduces himself as K'mtar, a distant relative to Alexander who has come to help protect him. K'tmar joins Worf and Alexander as they return to the Enterprise while the crew starts investigating the attack.

With Worf's agreement, K'tmar starts to try to train Alexander in the ways of the Klingon warrior, but this proves ineffective. K'tmar tells Worf that he recommends he send Alexander to a Klingon military academy, which would be harsh on Alexander but effective. Worf balks at the idea, and K'tmar threatens to invoke Klingon law to take custody of Alexander from Worf. As the two argue, Alexander speaks up and reminds them both that he is also part human, and does not want to be trained as a Klingon. Worf and K'tmar insist that Alexander must learn, but return to arguing among themselves, with K'tmar calling Worf a bad father, while Worf accuses K'tmar of being a busybody.

The Enterprise crew examine one of the daggers used during the attack on Worf and Alexander. It bears markings of the Duras sisters. Commander Riker gets intelligence from Quark at Deep Space Nine that helps the Enterprise crew locate the Duras sisters and accuse them of the assassination attempt. The sisters deny any involvement. When the crew present the dagger, they recognize one marking as belonging to Lursa's son, despite the fact she has only just learned she has become pregnant.

Aboard the Enterprise, Worf finds K'mtar about to kill Alexander, and immobilizes him. K'mtar is forced to reveal that he is really Alexander from several years in the future, having time-traveled back to stop an assassination attempt on Worf. He had arranged the attack on Maranga IV to gain their trust, and wants to assure young Alexander would take the warrior's path as to be able to prevent Worf's assassination later. Worf tells K'mtar that he could only die happy knowing that Alexander followed the course he wanted to take in life. With Worf's resolve, K'mtar is satisfied and returns to his own time. Worf takes on new appreciation for his son in whatever he shows interest in.


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