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Fish Rap Live!
University of California, Santa Cruz
TypeTriquarterly College newspaper
EditorFrances Maurer and Cactus "William" Yates
Founded1985, 1990
HeadquartersUC Santa Cruz, USA

Fish Rap Live!, also known as FRL!, is a triquarterly alternative humor publication at the University of California, Santa Cruz.[1]


The paper received two Gold Circle Awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in 2002 in the General or Humor Column and Ad Design categories and one in 1999 for Illustration Portfolios and Editorial Cartooning.[2][3] It also continues to receive recognition and is consistently ranked amongst the top college humor publications in the country.[1]



News Briefs - News satire in the style of The Onion.

Editorials - Humorous first-person articles written under a variety of different characters, fictional or not.

Overheard in Santa Cruz - Reader-submitted recollections of humorous, and often frightening, exchanges overheard around the Santa Cruz area.

Why the Fuck Are You Still Talking? - Fake interviews that revolve around a central question.


Classes to Audit - A quarterly parody of upcoming or current classes at UCSC. Examples include: "CMPE 80E: Intro to Networking - Prepare for hundreds of business cards and firm handshakes." and "THEA80K: Shakespeare4every1 - btw shkspr is hella revelnt 2day. think about it. mercutio p gangsta. shit. r+j dtf, methinx was da nightingale & not the lark bru"

Dive Team - One or more editors travels to a local Dive Bar and tells of their experience. In recent years, this has been expanded to include a myriad of other stories, including one of a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament and one of an editor's experience of trying to keep bees.

The Fish Rappies - Annual parody of prestigious national awards. Examples include "Best Bond: Covalent. Worst Bond: Roger Moore", and "Best Bono: Pro Bono, Worst Bono: Bono."

The Freshman Circus - A parody of The Family Circus. The comic strip lampoons the naiveté of UCSC underclassmen fumbling their way through their first year of college.

From: Blank To: Blank, With Love - Short letters from writers taking the perspective of people, places, animals, and objects addressing other people, places, objects and such.

Scavenger Hunt - An annual scavenger hunt that puts the participants in harm's way, in embarrassing situations, or prompts practical jokes. Examples include: "Cut off 5 Livestrong bracelets", "Ghost Ride 'da Whip", "Stage a fake public breakup", and "Date a FRL! staff member, extra points per base reached." The prize is usually nominal amounts of both cash and fame.

Previous editors-in-chief[edit]

Fish Rap Live!
  • 2018-19: Frances Maurer and Cactus "William" Yates
  • 2017-18: Christian Miley and Julia Ryan
  • 2016-17: Isabella Cook and Maddy Corich
  • 2015-16: Billy Butler and Jeremy Lessnau
  • 2013-15: Skyler Hanrath and Ryan Schreiber
  • 2012-13: Mark Delyani
  • 2010-12: Emmy Ballard and James Shea
  • 2009-10: Erin Schmalfeld
  • 2008-09: Sabrina Vogeley
  • 2007-08: Brian Hickey
  • 2006-07: Janelle Evans
  • 2005-06: Nick Kam
  • 2004-05: Mike Beitiks
  • 2003-04: Adam Ted Jacobson
  • 2002-03: Phil Eichenauer
  • 2001-02: Jason "J. Lo" Louv
  • 2000-01: Andy Lochrie
  • 1999-00: John Hirst
  • 1998-99: Jeff Williams
  • 1997-98: Charlie Padow
  • 1996-97: Michelle Riche
  • 1995-96: Jennifer Maerz
  • 1994-95: Eric F. Lipton
  • 1993-94: Derek Powazek and Robin Krieger
  • 1992-93: Grif Cherry and Nick Cain
  • 1990-92: David Holthouse and Kurt Opsahl
Cowell Fish Rap
  • 1987-88: Richard Thompson
  • 1986-87: Ari Kahan
  • 1985-86: Robert Bielen

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