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Fishermen's Terminal seen looking roughly southwest from the Ballard Bridge. The eastern ridge of the Magnolia neighborhood can be seen behind the terminal.
Flowers left at the Fishermen's Memorial in memory of the dead of the Arctic Rose.

Fishermen's Terminal is a dock for Seattle, Washington's commercial fishing fleet, on Salmon Bay in the Interbay neighborhood, east of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and immediately west of the Ballard Bridge.

Fisherman's Terminal

Operated by the Port of Seattle, the Terminal provides freshwater mooring for fishing vessels, and, since 2001, pleasure craft.[1] It can accommodate vessels up to 250 feet (76.2 m). Preference is given to commercial fishing vessels.[2] It serves more than 600 vessels. A public access float provides free moorage for up to four hours for visitors.[3] The facility also includes 227,000 square feet (21,100 m2) of office, retail, restaurant, light industry and warehouse space. Among the retail establishments are Chinook's at Salmon Bay, the Wild Salmon Seafood Market, Bilingual Books, and the Constellation & Co. gift shop.

Fisherman's Terminal is home to some of the vessels that are on the Discovery Channel show the Deadliest Catch.[4] It was also the topic of a documentary film Fishermen's Terminal. The documentary centers on the conflict between the moorage needs of the fishing fleet and pleasure boaters.[1]

The Terminal has a Fishermen's Memorial, a bronze and stone sculpture with plaques memorializing more than 500 local commercial fishermen and women who have been lost at sea since the beginning of the 20th century. The memorial is managed by its own non-profit organization.[5]


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