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Studio album by Franco Battiato
Released 9 April 1988
Recorded 1988
Genre Italian singer-songwriters
Length 31:12
Label EMI Music
Producer Enrico Maghenzani
Franco Battiato chronology
Fisiognomica (1988) Come un cammello in una grondaia
(1991)Come un cammello in una grondaia1991

Fisiognomica is an album by Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato, released by EMI Music Italian in 1988. It sold 300,000 copies in Italy.

The cover features a photo of Battiato as an adolescent, when still living in Sicily. "L'Oceano di Silenzio" is an operatic song containing German text from Fleur Jaeggy's Wasserstatuen. "Veni l'autunnu" ("The Autumn Comes" in Sicilian) contains text both in Arabic and Sicilian, and his devoted to Battiato's homeland (which is also the inspiration of "Secondo imbrunire", meaning "Second Dusk"). Arabic lyrics are also contained in "Zai Saman". The title track is inspired to physiognomy theories.

"Nomadi" was written by Battiato's friend and 1970s collaborator Juri Camisasca, after his retirement in a Benedictine monastery. It was originally sung by Alice in her album Park Hotel (1986).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fisiognomica"
  2. "E ti vengo a cercare"
  3. "Veni l'autunnu"
  4. "Secondo imbrunire"
  5. "Nomadi"
  6. "Zai Saman"
  7. "Il mito dell'amore"
  8. "L'Oceano di Silenzio" - (from Fleur Jaeggy's Wasserstatuen)