Flag of Mengjiang

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Flag of the Mengjiang.svg
Name Flag of the Mengjiang United Autonomous Government
Use National flag FIAV historical.svg
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 1 September 1939

The flag used by the Mengjiang United Autonomous Government consists of a horizontal colour pattern of yellow, blue white, red, white, blue and again yellow.

The colors on the flag were used to represent major ethnic groups in Mengjiang: the Mongols (blue); the Japanese (red); the Han (yellow) and the "Hui" (the name given to the Muslims at that time) (white).[1]

South Chahar, North Shanxi and Mongol Military Government each had their respective flag before merged with Mengjiang United Autonomous Government.

The colors on the flag of Mengjiang is similar to the Five Races Under One Union flag formerly used by the Republic of China.

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