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Flap may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Biology and healthcare[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Flap (aeronautics), a lift augmentation device on an airplane wing, often near the trailing edge
  • Flap consonant, a sound produced by brief contact between one articulator (such as the tongue) and another (such as the roof of the mouth)
    • Flapping, a process by which a /t/ or a /d/ before an unstressed vowel is pronounced as a flap consonant
  • Flap, any hinged plate often used as a cover or a simple one-way valve
    • Bum flap (or butt flap), a separately removable part of underwear (un)covering the buttocks
    • Mudflap, a guard for tires
    • Pet door or pet flap
    • Sluice or flap gate, a pressure driven water flow control device between a channel and other water body
  • Flapping, one of the basic mechanics of bird flight
  • Flapping, the up-and-down motion of a helicopter rotor
  • Hand flapping, a common form of self-stimulatory behaviour
  • Link flap, errant behavior in a communications link
  • Roof flap, an aerodynamic feature of race cars
  • Route flapping, when a network router flips between different routes

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