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Location Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Coordinates 54°46′44″N 9°26′10″E / 54.7789°N 9.4361°E / 54.7789; 9.4361Coordinates: 54°46′44″N 9°26′10″E / 54.7789°N 9.4361°E / 54.7789; 9.4361
Opened 1888
Annual production volume 529,000 hectolitres (451,000 US bbl) in 2008
Owned by Flensburger Brauerei Emil Petersen GmbH und Co. KG
Employees 120

Flensburger Brauerei is a brewery located in Flensburg in the Bundesland (federal state) of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is one of the last country-wide operating breweries not being part of a larger brewery group. The company was founded on September 6, 1888 by five citizens of Flensburg. Today it is still mainly held by the founder families Petersen and Dethleffsen.


The building of the Flensburger Brauerei

Before modern refrigeration, the brewery used to chop blocks of ice from frozen lakes in the winter and bring the blocks back to the brewery to keep their underground storage facilities cool in summer. The brewery is still operating its own water well, which is supplied by an underground vein of very old Ice Age melting water coming from Scandinavia.

The company has about 120 employees (as of 2008) and is known for running technically advanced and highly automated production processes.


Bottling plant for swing-top bottles in the Flensburger Brauerei

All Flensburger products are bottled in glass bottles with a traditional flip-top (swing-top) closure. This demands several complicated mechanisms for large-scale production, bottle cleaning and recycling processes.

The range of beers and other products includes the following.[1]


  • Flensburger Pilsener – North German variation of the pilsener style with 4.8% abv
  • Flensburger Gold – Another Pilsener (similar to lager style) with 4.8% abv
  • Flensburger DunkelDunkel style with 4.8% abv
  • Flensburger Weizen – Unfiltered wheat beer with 5.1% abv
  • Flensburger Kellerbier – Unfiltered kellerbier style with 4.8% abv
  • Flensburger Edles Helles – A helles beer marketed as 125th anniversary brew

Seasonal types[edit]

  • Flensburger Winterbock – Seasonally available dark bock with 7.0% abv
  • Flensburger Frühlingsbock – Seasonally available dark bock with 6.9% abv


  • Flensburger Frei – Non-alcoholic helles style
  • Flensburger Malz – Non-alcoholic malt beer

Shandy style drinks[edit]

  • Flensburger RadlerShandy style with 2.4% abv
  • Flensburger Biermix "Lemongrass" – beer and lemonade mix with 2.4% abv
  • Flensburger Biermix "Blutorange-Grapefruit" – beer and lemonade mix with 2.4% abv

Soft drinks[edit]

  • Flensburger WasserMineral water in the typical swing-top bottle
  • Flensburger Fassbrause – A Fassbrause soft drink

In popular culture[edit]

"Plopp" sound made when opening a swing-top bottle
  • The Flensburger beers are usually just called Flens by the local people when ordering one. The flip-top stopper makes a "plopp" sound when opening, which has become part of the corporate identity.
  • Since running a marketing campaign emphasizing the stereotype of the stoic, blunt and ironic North German mentality the Flens brand has become a symbol of self-identification for the region.
  • Being sited next to the campus the annual visit of the brewery has become a traditional event for the process engineering students of Flensburg.


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