Floe Lake

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Floe Lake
Floe lake july 2004.jpg
View from the Floe Lake backcountry campground (July 2004)
Location Kootenay National Park, British Columbia
Coordinates 51°03′11″N 116°08′28″W / 51.053°N 116.141°W / 51.053; -116.141Coordinates: 51°03′11″N 116°08′28″W / 51.053°N 116.141°W / 51.053; -116.141
Basin countries Canada

Floe Lake is a lake in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada. The lake is only accessible by a 10.7 km [1] hiking trail that leaves from a marked trailhead on highway 93.

There is a backcountry campground at the lake as well as a Warden's cabin staffed by Parks Canada.

An image of Floe Lake appears on the wall of the International Arrivals at Customs Canada in the Calgary International Airport.