Florist Shop

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Florist Shop
Publisher(s)UFO Interactive Games
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release29 June 2010 [1]

Florist Shop is a puzzle game developed by Teyon for the Nintendo DS.[2] The game is published by UFO Interactive Games[3] in the North America and by Rondomedia[4] in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Screenshot of Florist Shop presenting the mechanics.

Florist Shop is a combination of the match-3 and the time management genres.[5] As in classical match-3 games, a player’s task is to switch neighbouring elements (here: flowers) to match a line of the same type. A player has to connect at least 3 identical flowers vertically or horizontally to make them disappear from a board. Gathered flowers are used to create 10 various bouquets ordered by shop’s clients. The time management part of the game consists of creation of all bouquets in the specified time. A player can freely choose which one to prepare first. As time goes by, flowers wilt on a board and clients get impatient, so a final price of a bouquet falls down. A player can use special items to prevent such situations. In each level a player has to collect a specified amount of money to advance to the next stage. Plenty of add-ons and special items help to achieve a better score and make the game more challenging. Virtual money earned in the game can be used to buy add-ons, various bouquets and special items.


The most important feature for bouquets is freshness. Bouquets of the highest price are made of fresh flowers which have just appeared on a board. When flowers start to wilt, a player can use a watering-can or a sprinkler to improve their condition and prepare more valuable bouquets.


Add-ons are items which can increase the value of bouquets. Firstly a player has to choose add-ons and buy them in the shop. They appear on a board as a tile with a ribbon symbol. A player chooses one of the add-ons visible on the left side of the board and collects it by matching 3 or more ribbons in a line. Now it can be used to improve a bouquet and to get an extra tip.

Special Items[edit]

Buying special items allows players to improve the florist shop or to influence a client's mood and the environment.

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