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The Folkes Brothers were a Jamaican ska group, composed of John, Mico, and Junior Folkes, best known for the single "Oh Carolina".


The group's 1961 single "Oh Carolina" was the first hit record produced by Prince Buster, and is regarded as a landmark in the history of ska and reggae music.

In 1994, John Folkes and Buster were involved in a legal dispute over the authorship of the song, after a cover version by Shaggy became an international hit.[1][2] It was eventually ruled by the High Court in London, England, that Folkes held the copyright.[1][3] Later, Folkes assigned the copyright to Greensleeves so that Shaggy's Pure Pleasure album could be released. This included listing Henry Mancini as co-author because it was alleged that Shaggy sampled the "Peter Gunn" theme song.

The group recorded an album with Jah D replacing John Folkes in 2011.[1]



  • "Oh Carolina" (1961)


  • Don't Leave Me Darling (2011)


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