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Food Insurance, or, is a company based in Kaysville, Utah, that sells emergency food supply products online.[1] The company was founded in 2009 by Justen Ericksen and Jason Lindsey.[2] The current CEO is Mark Hyland.

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that everyone have an emergency plan and disaster kit.[3] Food Insurance was initially started following Hurricane Katrina and other global disasters.Originally, Food Insurance only offered emergency kits to help people follow FEMA's guidelines. It has since expanded its product offering to include long-term emergency food supplies and non-food emergency supplies.

Since its founding, Food Insurance has been endorsed by conservative talk radio show hosts Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.[4] These endorsements have given Food Insurance national recognition. It has also been the cause of some controversy as some have claimed that Glenn Beck is trying to profit from people's fears.[5]

Emergency preparedness[edit]

With the emergence of groups such as American Preppers Network and shows like Doomsday Preppers, emergency preparedness has become mainstream. These groups believe in living in such a way as to be prepared for both natural, economic and political disasters.[6]


There has also been criticism of the prepper movement and of Food Insurance as being unnecessary. Included among the detractors is Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.[7] Critics speak to the futility of owning an emergency food supply in the event of a global nuclear catastrophe.[8]

Recognitions and charity work[edit]

Food Insurance was recognized as having the best tasting gourmet meals by the Food Storage Reviewer.[9]

Food Insurance received a 10 out of 10 by the Food Storage Reviewer in the category of Shelf-Life.[10]

In September 2011, Food Insurance hosted a fundraiser on its Facebook page[11] for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.[12]

In November 2011, Food Insurance hosted a fundraiser for the Fisher House Foundation on its Facebook page.

In February 2012, Food Insurance hosted a fundraiser on its Facebook page for the American Heart Association.

In June 2012, Food Insurance hosted a fundraiser on its Facebook page for Homes For Our Troops.[13]


The food in Food Insurance's long-term meal plans are made from Freeze-dried food. This is the same type of food used by NASA and the U.S. military. For the same reasons that this food is beneficial for astronauts and soldiers it is also ideal for a survival situation. Freeze-dried food requires only water to reconstitute and can have up to a 25-year shelf-life.[14] It is also very compact and light-weight.[15]

Along with the complete meals Food Insurance also has individual freeze-dried ingredients. This ingredients range from fruits and vegetables to meats and drink mixes. Food Insurance also sells emergency supplies such as water filters, and emergency stoves.

Emergency kits[edit]

The emergency kits Food Insurance offers generally have a two-week supply of food for one adult, a heat source, a first-aid kit, and a water filter. These kits were designed to help people follow FEMA's guidelines for having a disaster kit. Of course, it will be necessary to personal the disaster kit with items such as medicines, clothes, local maps and cell phone chargers.

Product list[edit]

The Emergency Plus Kit
The Essentials Kit
Gluten-Free Kit
632 Entrée Meal Plan
948 Entrée Meal Plan
1264 Entée Meal Plan
1896 Entrée Meal Plan
2528 Entrée Meal Plan
3792 Entrée Meal Plan
Water Filters
Freeze-Dried Fruits
Freeze-Dried Meats
Freeze-Dried Vegetables


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