Fool on the Planet

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Fool on the Planet
The pillows - Fool on the planet.jpg
Greatest hits album by The Pillows
Released February 7, 2001
Genre Alternative rock
Length 1:09:26
Label King Records
The Pillows chronology
Happy Bivouac
Fool on the Planet

Fool on the Planet is a greatest hits album released by The Pillows on February 7, 2001. It features two new songs, "Fool on the Planet" and the hidden track "Secret Slogan".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fool on the Planet"
  2. "Swanky Street"
  3. "I Think I Can"
  4. "Instant Music" (インスタント ミュージック)
  5. "Trip Dancer"
  6. "One Life"
  7. "Climbing on the Roof" (屋上に昇って)
  8. "Midnight Down"
  9. "Carnival" (カーニバル)
  10. "Let's See if That's True or Not" (確かめに行こう)
  11. "Little Busters"
  12. "Ride on Shooting Star"
  13. "Naked Shuffle"
  14. "Funny Bunny"
  15. "Strange Chameleon" (ストレンジ カメレオン)
  16. "Hybrid Rainbow" (ハイブリッド レインボウ)
  17. "Secret Slogan" (hidden track)