White Incarnation

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White Incarnation
Studio album by The Pillows
Released May 21, 1992
Genre Jangle Pop, Indie Pop, New Wave
Length 47:09
Label Pony Canyon
Producer Ryomei Shirai
The Pillows
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White Incarnation
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Singles from White Incarnation
  1. "Kanojo wa Sister"
    Released: April 17, 1992

White Incarnation is an album released by the Pillows on May 21, 1992. Recorded in Britain, it is the band's final record to feature the original lineup, as bassist Kenji Ueda left shortly after.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Colorful Pumpkin Fields" (カラフル・パンプキン・フィールズ KARAFURU PANPUKIN FIRUZU))
  2. "She's My Sister" (彼女はシスター Kanojo wa SISUTA)
  3. "Sitting on a Paper Moon" (ペーパームーンにこしかけて PEPAMUN ni Koshikakete)
  4. "Right Here Like This" (このままここで Kono mama koko de)
  5. "I Want to Be Sullivan" (サリバンになりたい SARIBAN ni Naritai)
  6. "Hey, I Don't Care" (気にしてないよ)
  7. "Blue March" (ブルーマーチ BURU MACHI)
  8. "Dawn Has Come" (夜明けがやってきた)
  9. "Tonight"
  10. "Our Halley's Comet" (ぼくらのハレー彗星)
  11. "Good Night"