For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson

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For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson
Studio album by Various Artists
Released 9 May 1995
Genre Rock
Label MusicMasters

For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson, released on 9 May 1995 by Musicmasters,[nb 1] is a tribute album to Harry Nilsson[1] recorded and released after his death. Proceeds went to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Harry Nilsson, except where noted. 

No. Title Performed by Length
1. "Remember (Christmas)"   Randy Newman 2:22
2. "Turn on Your Radio"   Marc Cohn 3:55
3. "One"   Aimee Mann 3:01
4. "Coconut"   Fred Schneider 5:06
5. "Joy"   Joe Ely 3:58
6. "Lay Down Your Arms"   Ringo Starr and Stevie Nicks 3:25
7. "Without Her"   Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm, and Carl Wilson 4:28
8. "Jump Into The Fire"   LaVern Baker 3:36
9. "The Moonbeam Song"   Steve Forbert 3:30
10. "You're Breakin' My Heart"   Peter Wolf and The Houseparty 5 1:53
11. "Mournin' Glory Story"   Jennifer Trynin 2:55
12. "Salmon Falls" (Nilsson, Klaus Voormann) Al Kooper 4:42
13. "The Puppy Song"   Victoria Williams 3:20
14. "Don't Forget Me"   Marshall Crenshaw 3:31
15. "This Could Be the Night"   Brian Wilson 2:31
16. "Think About Your Troubles"   Jellyfish 2:42
17. "The Lottery Song"   Bill Lloyd 2:25
18. "Good Old Desk"   Ron Sexsmith 2:06
19. "Me And My Arrow"   Adrian Belew 3:12
20. "I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City"   Richard Barone 2:40
21. "Spaceman"   The Roches and Mark Johnson 3:41
22. "Don't Leave Me"   John Cowan 3:56
23. "Lifeline"   Jimmy Webb 4:01


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