Ford Ecotorq engine

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Ford Ecotorq Engine
Manufacturer Ford Otosan
Also called Ford Cargo Engine
Production 2003-present
Configuration OHV inline six cylinder diesel
Predecessor Ford Dover engine
Deutz BF6M1013

Ecotorq is a heavy duty diesel engine primarily used in Ford Cargo heavy duty trucks, designed and built by Ford Otosan. Ecotorq is billed as the first diesel engine completely built with CAD/CAM technologies in Turkey by Turkish Engineers.[1]

The Ecotorq engine has been engineered with the all-new Ford Cargo heavy duty truck project undertaken by Otosan engineers. Ecotorq made its debut in 2003. It replaces the Deutz 1013 series water-cooled turbodiesel engine and competes for the Turkish local market with Cummins B and C series engines used in various BMC trucks, and with Mercedes-Benz and MAN heavy duty engines.