Formulas Fatal to the Flesh

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Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 24, 1998
Recorded1997, Morrisound Recording
GenreDeath metal[1]
ProducerTrey Azagthoth, Mark Prator
Morbid Angel chronology
Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Gateways to Annihilation
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[2]

Formulas Fatal to the Flesh is the fifth full-length studio album by death metal band Morbid Angel. The Satanic themed lyrics of previous albums had been replaced with lyrics about the Old Ones, which would become the primary source of Morbid Angel's lyrical content from this point on. This is the first album to feature singer/bassist Steve Tucker, replacing David Vincent, and has some lyrical content written in Sumerian.

The title refers to the biblical symbol of the Antichrist. The letter "F" is the 6th letter of the alphabet; therefore, it could be read as "6ormulas 6atal to the 6lesh" or 666 for short, code for the number of the Beast.

The tunings for this record as on Covenant and Domination remained E♭ on six string guitar songs, and B♭ on seven stringed guitar songs.

"Invocation of the Continual One" is made of unused music the band had composed in its early days in 1984, which they put together and re-recorded for this album.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and arranged by Trey Azagthoth except "Ascent Through the Spheres" and "Hymnos Rituales De Guerra", written by Pete Sandoval.

1."Heaving Earth"3:54
2."Prayer of Hatred"4:28
3."Bil Ur-Sag"2:30
4."Nothing is Not"4:44
5."Chambers of Dis"3:30
6."Disturbance in the Great Slumber"2:32
8."Hellspawn: The Rebirth"2:43
9."Covenant of Death"6:08
10."Hymn to a Gas Giant"1:04
11."Invocation of the Continual One"9:47
12."Ascent through the Spheres"2:02
13."Hymnos Rituales de Guerra"2:43
Total length:51:38
Limited Edition Bonus Disc

This bonus CD contains all of the isolated guitar solos as conjured by Trey Azagthoth. A guitar pick is included which is signed by him.

1."Heaving Earth Lava" 
2."Heaving Earth Lava 'Alt'" 
3."Prayer of Hatred #1 Lava" 
4."Prayer of Hatred #2 Lava" 
5."Prayer of Hatred #3 Lava" 
6."Bil Ur-Sag #1 Lava" 
7."Bil Ur-Sag #2 Lava" 
8."Bil Ur-Sag #3 Lava" 
9."Nothing Is Not Lava" 
10."Nothing Is Not Lava 'Alt'" 
11."Chambers of Dis #1 Lava" 
12."Chambers of Dis #1 Lava 'Alt'" 
13."Chambers of Dis #2 Lava" 
14."Chambers of Dis #2 Lava 'Alt'" 
15."Umulamahri #1 Lava" 
16."Umulamahri #2 Lava" 
17."Umulamahri #2 Lava 'Alt'" 
18."Umulamahri #3 Lava" 
19."Umulamahri #3 Lava 'Alt'" 
20."Hellspawn #2 Lava" 
21."Hellspawn #3 Lava" 
22."Covenant of Death #1 Lava" 
23."Covenant of Death #2 Lava" 
24."Covenant of Death #3 Lava" 
25."Invocation #1 Lava" 
26."Invocation #2 Lava" 
27."Dominate Lava" 
28."Dominate Lava 'Alt'" 
29."Dawn of the Angry #1 Lava" 
30."Dawn of the Angry #1 Lava 'Alt'" 
31."Dawn of the Angry #2 Lava" 
32."Burn with Me #1 Lava" 
33."Burn with Me #1 Lava 'Alt'" 
34."Burn with Me #2 Lava" 
35."Burn with Me #2 Lava 'Alt'" 
36."Burn with Me #3 Lava" 
37."Burn with Me #3 Lava 'Alt'" 
38."Eyes to See #1 Lava" 
39."Where the Slime Live Lava" 
40."Where the Slime Live Lava 'Alt'" 



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