François Bailly

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François Bailly
Born 1630?
Died 1690
Occupation mason, architect
Known for Notre-Dame Church (Montreal)

François Bailly (1630?-1690) was a French mason, architect and official who a was prominent citizen in Montreal.


Born in France, he came to Canada in 1659 under contract with the Abbé Queylus. He formed partnerships first with Urbain Brossard then with Michel Bouvier. His most notable work was the Notre-Dame Church (Montreal), built under the direction of François Dollier de Casson, which was on a grander scale than the Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral in Quebec City.

Bailly also held public offices. By 1663 Bailly had joined the Sainte-Famille militia. In 1667 he was appointed a sergeant-royal and in 1676 a prison warden.