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Francesco Gagliardi (born 27 August 1974) is an Italian film director, screenwriter and film producer.

In June 2008, he founded FG Pictures, a production and distribution company. At the 63rd Salerno Film Festival, he was awarded Best Newcomer Producer for Prigioniero di un segreto (it), and the same year he was responsible for distribution of Valeriu Jereghi's Arrivederci, which also received an award at the festival, for its important social themes. In July 2015, he directs the documentary-film with the title Mediterranean diet example to the world, of which he is the co-author. Sponsored by CICT UNESCO, the documentary, filmed in Italy, in the Region of Campania, and Africa, talks about the lifestyle of the Mediterranean diet throughout a trip of a wise old man, interpreted by Franco Nero.