Francesco Golisano

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Francesco Golisano
Francesco Golisano.jpg
Born June 25, 1930
Rome, Italy
Died December 21, 1991
Velletri, Italy
Occupation Actor

Francesco Golisano (June 25, 1930 in Rome, Italy – December 21, 1991 in Velletri, Italy ) was an Italian film actor.

He was an employee of the Post Office when film director Renato Castellani held auditions to appear in Under the Sun of Rome (1948). Golisano was chosen along with other young people of the street, and played the part of Geppa. This led to more work with filmmaker Giorgio Bianchi. In 1951, Golisano played his most famous role - the kind-hearted Totò in Vittorio De Sica's Miracle in Milan, which won the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He appeared in two more films in 1952.

After six films Golisano abandoned his acting career and retired to private life. He spent his last 20 years living in the town of Velletri in the province of Rome. He died in 1991, at age 61, of natural causes. He is survived by his two children, Patrizia (born in Rome) and Fabrizio (born in Velletri).[1]



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