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Franciscus Titelmans (also Frans Titelmans; Latin: Franciscus Titelmannus or Hasseltensis) (1502–1537) was a Flemish Franciscan scholar, an opponent of Erasmus.[1]

Franciscus Titelmans, 16th century image.


He was born in Hasselt, and graduated M.A. at the University of Leuven in 1521. He was a dialectician influenced by Rudolph Agricola, and himself an influence on Petrus Ramus.[2] He joined the Franciscan Order in 1523, and engaged in controversy with Erasmus over the interpretation of the Pauline Epistles in the period 1527 to 1530.[3] He wrote a compendium on natural philosophy which was much reprinted.[4]

He became a Capuchin in 1535 and moved to Italy, where he worked in a hospital for the incurably ill. He died at Anticoli di Campagna.[5]


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