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Frank Barat
Frank Barat
Frank Barat at SOAS 2014
OccupationActivist, author, film producer
Notable worksAs Editor:

Frank Barat is a French activist, author and film producer. He was the coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine from 2008 until 2014.[1] He is the co-founder of BARC Productions, a film production company, created in Brussels in February 2019.[2] He has edited books with Noam Chomsky, Ilan Pappé, Ken Loach and Angela Davis. He was part of the founding team of the Festival Ciné-Palestine [3] in Paris and the Palestine with Love [4] festival in Brussels.

Barat has written for The Nation,[5] Al Jazeera English,[6] Jadaliyya,[7] The New Internationalist,[8] The Electronic Intifada,[9] The Palestine Chronicle,[10] Middle East Eye,[11] Ceasefire Magazine,[12] ROAR Magazine,[13] Counterpunch[14] and Mondoweiss[15]



  • Director/Producer: Nine days In Palestine, 2008. During the winter of 2007 a group of 18 people took part in a study tour with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. The aim was to gain a better understanding of the situation by witnessing the facts on the ground.
  • Director/Producer: Life Under Occupation, 2008. A documentary about life in Palestine and more especially in Nablus, the biggest city of the West Bank.[21]
  • London Recruits, 2020. Co-producer, London Recruits, 2020. A Barefoot Rascals production in association with BARC Productions. During the 60s and 70s young revolutionaries, recruited in London, undertook daring missions inside Apartheid South Africa for the ANC. Director & Producer: Gordon Main.[22]

Selected Television Interviews[edit]

  • After Brussels Attack, Will Response Be More War or a Look at the Root Causes of Terrorism? Interview by US TV Channel, Democracy Now! March 2016. [23]
  • Global Palestine and worldwide solidarity - Frank Barat - Part 2. Frank Barat speaks at the University of Chile Faculty of Law, focusing on Global Palestine, worldwide solidarity and the need to remain optimistic.[24]
  • How Can we solve the Israeli Palestine Problem? Barat Speaks as the coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine[25]


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