Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company

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Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company
Industry chocolate
Founded 1947
Founder Sam Himmelstein
Headquarters Frankford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Key people
Stuart Selarnick (CEO)
Parent The Coca-Cola Company
Website Official website

Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company is an American candy manufacturer, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1947 by Sam Himmelstein. The current CEO is Stuart Selarnick. In recent years, Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company has become a very successful candy manufacturer. It is one of the largest producers of chocolate rabbits in the United States, making over 100 varieties.[1] In 2000, it started licensing popular children's TV characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants.[2]

Recently, it had bought Cap Candy, a division of Hasbro, and the Wonder Ball from Nestlé.



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