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Frontispiece of Series XX, volume 3 of Franz Schubert's Werke

Franz Schubert's Works: Complete and Authoritative Edition (German: Franz Schubert's Werke: Kritisch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe), also known as the Collected Edition, is a late 19th-century publication of Franz Schubert's compositions.[1] The publication is also known as the Alte Gesamt-Ausgabe ("the former complete edition"), abbreviated as AGA, for instance in the 1978 edition of the Deutsch catalogue,[2] in order to distinguish it from the New Schubert Edition.


The twenty-two series (some in several volumes) were published from 1884 to 1897 by Breitkopf & Härtel.[1] Eusebius Mandyczewski was one of the main editors. From 1965 Dover Publications started to reprint this edition, and later it was made available at the IMSLP website.


I. Symphonien (Nos. 1-8)[edit]

Editor: Johannes Brahms. Issued 1884. Two volumes (Symphonies 1–3; Symphonies 4–6/8–9). Reprinted: Dover Publications, 1978.

II. Overtüren und Andere Orchesterwerke[edit]

Editor: Johann Nepomuk Fuchs. Issued 1886. Partially reprinted (Nos.1-7) as Overtures "In the Italian style" and Other Works by Dover Publications, 2002.

III. Oktette (Nos. 1-3)[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski, Issued 1889.

IV. Streichquintett[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski. Issued 1889.

V. Streichquartette (Nos. 1-15)[edit]

Editors: Joseph Hellmesberger, Eusebius Mandyczewski. Issued 1890.

VI. Trio für Streichinstrumente[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski, 1892.

VII. Trios, Quartets and Quintets with Piano[edit]

Editor: Ignaz Brüll, 1886. Two volumes.

VIII. Pianoforte und Ein Instrument, Partitur und Stimmen[edit]

Editor: Ignaz Brüll, 1886.

IX. Pianoforte zu vier Händen (F.S. 61-92)[edit]

Editor: Anton Door, 1888. Three volumes.

X. Sonaten für Pianoforte[edit]

Editor: Julius Epstein. Issued 1888

XI. Fantasie, Impromptus und andere Stücke für Pianoforte (Nos. 1-16)[edit]

Editor: Julius Epstein, 1888.

XII. Tänze für Pianoforte (Nos. 1-31)[edit]

Editor: Julius Epstein, 1889.

XIII. Messen (Nos. 1-7)[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski, 1887. Two volumes: Mass 1–4, and Mass 5–6 with the Deutsche Messe.

XIV. Kleinere Kirchenmusikwerke (Nos. 1-22)[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski; Issued 1888.

XV. Dramatische Musik[edit]

Editor: Johann Nepomuk Fuchs, 1893. Seven volumes.

XVI. Werke für Männerchor (Nos. 1-46)[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski. Issued 1891.

XVII. Werke für gemischten Chor (Nos. 1-19)[edit]

Editors: Josef Gänsbacher, Eusebius Mandyczewski. Issued 1892.

XVIII. Werke für Drei und mehr Frauenstimmen mit Pianoforte-Begleitung (Nos. 1-6)[edit]

Editors: Josef Gänsbacher, Eusebius Mandyczewski, 1891.

XIX. Kleine Gesangswerke (Nos. 1-36)[edit]

Editors: Josef Gänsbacher, Eusebius Mandyczewski, 1892.

XX. Sämtliche einstimmige Lieder und Gesänge[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski, 1894-1895. Ten volumes.

XXI. Supplement: Instrumentalmusik; Gesangsmusik[edit]

Editor: Eusebius Mandyczewski, 349p., 1897.

  • Volume 1–3: Instrumentalmusik.
  • Volume 4: Gesangsmusik

XXII. Revisionsbericht[edit]

Twelve volumes.


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