Fred Chalenor

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Fred Chalenor
Born(1955-12-29)December 29, 1955
Seattle, Washington, U.S.
DiedJune 23, 2018(2018-06-23) (aged 62)
GenresRock in Opposition, avant-prog, art rock
Instrument(s)Bass, electric guitar, banjo, keyboards, vocals
Years active1978–2018
LabelsC/Z, Tim/Kerr

Fred Chalenor (December 29, 1955 – June 23, 2018) was an American bassist, most recognized for his work in the bands Caveman Shoestore, Tone Dogs, and Face Ditch. He also collaborated on numerous occasions with composer and keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, recording with him in Pigpen and Zony Mash, and with composer and percussionist Robert Mike Mahaffay of Tres Gone.


Fred Chalenor was born December 29, 1955 in Seattle, Washington.[1] His first band was Zanzibar, a group led by guitarist Rick Adams based in Portland, Oregon. In 1978, Fred left the band overseas to perform in a folk duo. After that project disintegrated, he moved back to the United States and performed alongside musicians such as Henry Kaiser and Owen Maercks in the Bay Area.[2] Chalenor's first studio performance credit was on Owen Maercks' eponymous debut released in 1978.[3]

Chalenor had met fellow musicians Neil Minturn and Henry Franzoni when he was still performing in Zanzibar. Together, they formed Face Ditch in February 1979 who based themselves in the Portland area, moving to Seattle in 1981 and then Franzoni and Chalenor moving to NYC in 1983. The group broke up numerous times over their existence and issued two self-released cassettes (In the Interim and All Fall Down). Chalenor and Franzoni remained the only consistent members until the band finally parted ways in early 1985 after a show in New York City.[2] In 2000, the original line-up reunited and digitally released their first official album in 2004.[4]

Chalenor died on June 23, 2018.[5][6]


Year Artist Album Label
1978 Owen Maercks Owen Maercks self-released
1990 Tone Dogs Ankety Low Day C/Z
1991 The Early Middle Years Soleilmoon
1992 Caveman Shoestore Master Cylinder Tim/Kerr
1993 Pigpen Halfrack
1994 V as in Victim Avant
Caveman Shoestore Flux Tim/Kerr
1995 w/ Elliott Sharp and Henry Franzoni Boodlers Cavity Search
1997 Boodlers Counter Fit Tim/Kerr
Sue Ann Harkey Fulcrum CNLF
Zony Mash Cold Spell Knitting Factory
Hughscore Highspotparadox Tim/Kerr
Pigpen Daylight
1998 Zony Mash Brand Spankin' New Knitting Factory
1999 Jeff Greinke Ride First World
Hughscore Delta Flora Cuneiform
The Walkabouts Trail of Stars Glitterhouse
2001 LAND Road Movies First World
2002 Curlew Meet the Curlews! Cuneiform
2003 Mercury
2004 Face Ditch Face Ditch Build-A-Buzz
2005 Caveman Shoestore Super Sale Build-A-Buzz
2007 Caveman Shoestore Frankensongs Build-A-Buzz



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